Were My Cow Cartoons Leading Me To A Healthier Lifestyle? The Story Behind This Londons Times Cartoon by Rick London


As the years go by, it never ceases to amaze me how much the more things change, the more they remain the same.  The above LTCartoon was created in 2001. Today is the middle of 2015.  

In 2001, I was an avid meat eater, and I do not say that proudly.  I either wasn’t ready to quit, I hadn’t evolved to know the importance of quitting, or “screw it” as I always used to like to say. When I whimper like this, its not about you, it’s truly about me.  

But no matter what my excuse, and this happened often, my consciousness was still at work, even way back then. It knew better (which is obvious by this cartoon), it simply wasn’t ready to act.

I knew deep down inside this was not something I was supposed to do.  Whether it was by a bit of understanding of karma (2 major heart attacks finally took me down as well as a host of other maladies), before I finally decide to go fully vegan and even then it took dramatic changes in my wife Lee, who started this new lifestyle nearly a year before I did. 

Still, I knew and I’m not sure how, that long ago.  I still shake my head and ask myself, “How could you have done that Rick, to yourself and to those animals?”  “You were reading the most current periodicals on animal sciences. You knew cows, pigs, chickens and other farm animal’s consciousness was quite similar to feelings as was their ideas on raising their own families, and lifetime loyalties (often even more so than humans).” 

“You (again talking to self), claimed to love animals, and for most my life had dogs and cats and volunteered to help strays etc. and they were pets and farm animals were food.  

Everyone is ignorant, including me, before they get wiser, so I can forgive myself for that, but not easily. 

Lee and I have talked about it often.  She has similar feelings about it all.  We spent so many years basically ruining our bodies, bringing in a host of toxins from what is now known as “factory farming”, not to mention causing the death to these creatures for our protein, which is so easy to get through plant sources, and now, every bit as tasty if not more so.

Lee not only the one who helped me transition into veganism, but also eventually move all leather products out of the house (we didn’t have any fur products but they’d be gone too if we had).  I still own one item that contains leather, my hiking boots, and the only reason for that is that I bought them when I was still a carnivore, and I’ve not been able to find vegan replacements that work, though am actively looking and plan to before the end of the year.  

In most the old farm animal cartoons, like this one, in which I’ve placed cows in awkward situations, the theme has always been bovine vs. butcher. Keep in mind I ate almost nothing but meat and potatoes at the time, but deep down I must have known.  

I’d volunteered for years helping farm animals. Maybe that started me thinking about their souls.  It didn’t sink in that they were/are very important souls, but at least the seed was planted.

Over the years of recovering from a lifetime of meat eating, milk drinking, etc., I have decided not to beat myself up too badly, though it still happens at times.  I know I’ve caused pain and damage to many of my animal-friends and their families, and for that it is difficult to come to terms.

But I will.  Meantime, I find myself creating much more “in your face” graphic cartoons regarding the importance of veganism.  I’m being much better to myself. More understanding. More caring. One can hardly offer much care for others without taking care of oneself properly. 

Don’t get me wrong.  People evolve at their own pace, and some never do. I know many will always eat meat, drink milk, and think of farm animals as our food and/or source of entertainment..and dogs and cats as pets (as I did for many years..so I certainly cannot be judgmental and am not).

 That is them, not me.  The best I can help them realize there are other much healthier alternatives that are every bit as tasty, will help them live much longer and improve their quality of life, and if they care, will reduce their carbon footprint, therefore doing their share to help the planet. 

Enjoy. Have a good laugh, and stay healthy.   

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Rick London


Rick London is an author, songwriter, cartoonist, and gift designer.  He is best known for launching Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons

& Funny Gifts in 1997, which have been Google #1 ranked since 2005. 




Al Cowpone & The Mooofia Gang The Story Behind The Cartoon by Londons Times Cartoons

new cow capone 7797979797097

Anyone who grew up riding the backwoods of Mississippi for most of his youth and adult life either learns to love cows or hate cows.  I learned to love them. 

That was a bit of a dichotomy in that I did not have a high awareness of the animal sciences, so to me cats and dogs were pets and cows were dinner. Little did I know at the time that cows can and do think very much like humans, have similar emotions, are lifelong family animals etc.  The same is true of pigs, sheep, goats etc.  But I’m not here to lecture.  Everyone evolves at their own pace and I am not God’s little policeman to instruct people how they should eat.

People lectured me for 56 years before I listened and even then it was only after seeing Lee on a vegan diet for a year and the dramatic changes in weight, health, spirituality, mood, and just about everything positive. I knew I had to have that, and I also knew the only way I was going to get it was with patience and the proper food and exercise lifestyle.

Al Cowpone is one of my favorite cartoons in all our 4000+ inventory (for some reason) and it was so way before I became a vegan.  I just like seeing cows dressed as gangsters I guess, or cows showing butchers a bit about karma (or cowma in their case).

Though the bovine community indeed thinks and acts a great deal similarly as humans, one thing they’ve not adopted, thankfully from our arsenal of weaponry is violence.  This would of course never happen.  But if they knew how, and ever got angry enough, and knew what was being done to them, I bet they’d at least try.

Cows are wonderful gentle creatures that are not put here for our pleasure, but for their own.  I now know enough about animal research to know that to be true.  Many others know it too; in fact millions worldwide.

When conscious wins over profits, cows will indeed live the lives they were put here to live.  That is to give milk to their own babies, not ours, and wander freely and never eaten. Oh, and they love affection from humans.  Why not try giving one a human name (or dog or cat name) that next time you have the urge to eat one. Pet it and show it some affection.  It makes it much more difficult after you’ve made friends; and they will make friends and follow you around like a dog.  They are very smart and gentle creatures.

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