More About LTCartoons 25th Anniversary by Rick London

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Friday was Londons Times Cartoons 25th anniversary.  I was going to write about it then, but since I had already written about it several days ago, plus I was celebrating 25 years, I simply didn’t have time.  I do now.

I’ve mentioned the way it all started.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.   That has remained the same ever since.   But I believe I have learned a few things since that time.  While I am not sure exactly what I’ve learned, I feel quite sure when I figure it out I’ll  gladly purvey that information to you.

In 1997, it was just something to do.  I needed a hobby, so to speak, and this fit the bill.  I was a bit late to the party learning the Internet, so I figured then was as good a time as any, and I would “learn as I went” when developing, writing, and marketing the cartoons (and later gifts too).

When we first went online, there were no PODs (Print On Demand) sites.  That meant if I wanted to design tees, mugs, cards, or other gifts, I would have to have them printed and buy them by the bulk.  Then I’d have to make the trip to the post office in a timely manner to ship any goods.  That didn’t work out well, but I was able to sell to the occasional academic book publisher.  That increased as time went by. Not enough to retire.

So here I sit, feeling pretty much like everyone else.  The world has been through and seems to be going through all sorts of changes and that is not comfortable for many.  We’re fighting pandemics, wars, social unrest and you name it.  No, it was not exactly how I envisioned our 25th anniversary at all.

The good news is that Lee and I managed to remain healthy and while we lost several friends, and others suffered dramatically (either physically or financially), most importantly,  everyone in our immediate lives are okay.  We’re all a bit shaken.

I also believe that slowly but surely, people will enjoy laughing again.  The LTCartoons team and I discussed a strategy and we will take it slowly, but keep working with no expectations.

And when it feels okay to laugh out loud in public again, let’s all do it together.  Until that time, laugh softly, carry a big shtick.

Rick London is the founder of Google #1 ranked offbeat cartoon gifts (since 2005) LT Cartoons & Gifts, founded in 1997 in a small tin shed in Mississippi.  He is married to author/photographer Lee Hiller London who is also a gift design engineer.


Nostalgia, Playlists, & Cartoon To Card Or Gift by Rick London

Young Bobbie Gentry Gets Inspired
Walken With Cowbells

I can be such a sucker for “all things nostalgic”.  Especially when it comes to music.  Most old music works just fine with me.   My beloved wife Lee understands as she has her own favorite playlist, which, shares some of my old favorites, but we’ve got our own separate tastes as well. 

When I have the news off, and the music on, it seems to tap something and I tend to get a bit creative.  Please don’t get me wrong; I am not delusional enough to think I’ve become a Twain or Faulkner, but I can finish a sentence. (many tell me “And the sooner you finish the better”) 🙂

I notice when I’m listening to certain musicians or bands, when I like something I hear, I write it down, whether it is part of the music or the vocals.

Since my mind seems to think “in pictures”, it seems relatively simple to transfer the musical emotion I just heard into an “art project” that then becomes a cartoon before becoming gifts. I can draw, but not that well. Hence the illustrative team of Tom Kerr and Sergey Rudenko and I run the ideas back and forth. If either feel the idea is a good one, they do it. If not, we don’t do it.

And of course we (try to tackle) all topics from medicine to politics to outer space. We are not confined to the music industry (though I must admit it is one of our favorite industries for cartoon ideas). Maybe because I love music as much as I do.

It is a wonderful way to stay creative, yet it is not rocket-science, so seems to reduce stress/anxiety and lift one’s mind/spirit to be more creative.

I realize this is not the only way to be creative, and there are others far more creative than I am, who have their own methods.

Being autistic with PTSD requires extra concentration and focus, just to get out of bed, much less create anything.  I am older and convinced, now, that anyone can be creative, which will lift ones quality of life. It can be cooking, reading, writing letters, and even the arts.

And so I design fun affordable things like T-shirts, mugs, cards and such, of numerous musicians and/or bands, in hopes other everyone can enjoy their favorites along with further humor (our) favorite bands helped facilitate. 

Aqualung My Ex-Friend
Roy Orbison & Pretty Woman
Frozen Foods At Beatles Grocery
Chicks For Free?

Rick London launched Londons Times Cartoons & Funny Gifts in 1997. It has been the Google top ranked offbeat cartoon gifts since 2005. Please drop by our Cafepress giftshop. Everything is now up to 35% off sitewide. Lots off goodies. Drop by and see what’s new.