The golden child and scapegoat in the Trump family.

Study of scapegoating (whether family, politics or business), but particularly family, as that was my experience. I was/am Autistic but not diagnosed until age 62. As a child, I was very different so rather than having me diagnosed, my NPD family put me in an attic bedroom physically alone and away from the family. They controlled my friends. More and more I understand why the Geneva Convention considers this kind of isolation (for POWs) banned and cruel beyond belief. It is said to make waterboarding seem like child’s play (and I do believe that). I see now, in Donald Trump’s own words that he was not very fond of Tiffany and she was abused (sexualized) as an infant. Sadly, most scholarly psychiatrists lump this type narcissistic behavior with pedophilia and other sociopathic conditions. The perpetrator loves the power and/or money too much and has zero empathy. They live to hurt others, but can seem to be the most charming person in the community (and most sane). This is a great blog, and I highly recommend reading “The Sociopath Next Door”. Thanks all. Rick ………Please keep reading Lucky Otter’s blog and do watch the important video.

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Because I am fascinated with child roles in narcissistic families, this video was interesting to me.    I’ve suspected for awhile that Tiffany (the daughter of Trump and Marla Maples, his only American-born wife) is the scapegoat among Trump’s children.  He never talks about her, seems distant from her, and doesn’t seem to idealize her the way he does his other children, particularly Ivanka, who is obviously the golden child.

This video explains more.   Trump admits himself that physical appearance is extremely important to him, and he’s disappointed in Tiffany’s appearance.   Tiffany also isn’t a successful businessperson like the rest of his adult children.  She tried to make it as a singer instead, but things didn’t go well for her and she didn’t get a recording contract.

What I find extremely disturbing is the way he sexualizes his daughters.   In this video, Trump is shown being interviewed about the infant…

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Why Has Barron Trump Been Isolated By His Parents? by Rick London c2016

Isolation Of Autistic and/Or Disabled Children: Who Will Be Elected To Live Alone On The Top Floor?


If anyone doubts that Trump will commit war crimes, I assure you he will. Any parents who would isolate their disabled and/or Autistic child in an attic or solitary floor alone is creating a scapegoat. That will be Barron’s lifetime role. The torture it induces, neuropsychologists generally agree is similar to a captured soldier of war. Maybe this is why Trump thinks John McCain is “a loser” for being a prisoner of war. That’s a weakness, a strong message sent to Donald by his father Fred.

Being Autistic but somewhat high functioning in some areas, my social-climbing parents built an “attic bedroom” aka “isolation chamber” for me to live when I was 6 until the age of 17. I was “at war” with my family, and didn’t have a clue. Though I was never tested for Autism, they knew something was very wrong, hence the geographically odd and isolated location of my bedroom, and opposite treatment of my siblings (and me). All I remember is “being in trouble”. All I can remember in conversations from my older sister was “You’re in trouble now”. “Why do you behave this way?”, etc. She was brainwashed, it appears, before I was even born. There was never once a conversation with her.

My brother tried at times but I could tell was very uncomfortable around me all his life.

At age 11, I saved both their lives from a burning housefire risking mine in the process in the smoke-filled burning building. That story was completely deleted from our family history. Fortunately, I still have several neighbors on facebook who are still alive and remember my entire oddity (including the fire) keenly.

My cries usually went unheard or heard but ignored. The worst part was the isolation (this same isolation has been banned for grown trained military every Geneva Convention). Like Barron, I was far away from the core family unit. It was important that other family members did not see or hear what was being told to me.

The attic “bedroom” was no architectural mistake or my imagination. Three years later my parents sold the house to build a larger one just a block away.  It also had a larger attic bedroom (with more distance from my two siblings and parents who were altogether in the other end of the home. Guess who was assigned the “attic chamber”?  Yours truly, in a second home.  This was clearly premeditated.

I told a favorite aunt, still living, about it. and she said, “We did make mistakes back then and didn’t know much about Autism.”  She’s old so I didn’t argue, but hung up thinking, “A mistake is when one stumps their toe. A premeditated horrible crime that usually goes unnoticed is when you spend (back then $10k was a lot of money for a distant attic bedroom).  At sixty-two, it still gets back to me when my siblings bully me from afar with gossip and lies (that is bullying  an autistic).  That is not “a mistake”. That is not having a backbone in adulthood to put a stop to it so it doesn’t pass to another generation. Too late with my family. It already has.  But they will remember me as “the hated one” but the whistleblower of a large somewhat prominent family, who has been a “Golden Child Mill” for many generations. For the NPD, that takes a lot of scapegoating too.


At age 6, when I cried for “an answer” as to why I couldn’t live normally with the rest of the family, the “excuse” was “I was a very smart/loved/creative child and “needed that kind of space”. My father even covered my walls with great college football pennants to enforce the “benign innocence” of his nefarious plan.

Truth is, my parents encouraged and finally demanded my own siblings to bully me as did they. It was more of a warning. If they didn’t, they could be next. Often scapegoated children are “released from the hate” by their siblings and community after the parents are deceased and the child becomes an adult due to most knowing they were actually playing into “the family politics”. I was not given that luxury. I hope Barron Trump is.

Today I learned that Barron Trump is possibly Autistic; and if not, has a similar condition. Having abstained from watching media lately, I didn’t know the story had been running worldwide. Not that the media is the final arbiter of health and cognitive disorders, but I took it upon myself to find videos and study them carefully. I’ve attached several. This was no surprise to me as I could see many common traits in friends and myself that Barron seemed to be experiencing.


This is very similar behavior to what Melania Trump told Parenting Magazine regarding Barron alone on the top floor. “He is very creative and loves to spend a lot of time alone.”

I was an embarrassment to my birth family and inconvenience as I imagine is Barron may be to his. I was gaslighted by my parents in the “isolation chamber” as they were creating a “human garbage can” aka “Identified Patient” (a black sheep was born); Black Sheep (or scapegoats) don’t just happen contrary to popular belief, they are created by NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disordered) parents. Autistics and/or other disabled or unhappy (or odd) children are usually chosen to be the “black sheep” bad kid.

Given, I am not a neuroscientist or neuropsychologist and I cannot make an accurate prediction of Barron’s condition. But I can assure you, if you watch the video, you’ll clearly see he has many of the most common characteristics of an Autistic child. It may be something else, but it definitely hurts him badly, and rather than address it, his parents have decided to hide him away and claim vaccinations cause Autism (which has been debunked over and over by the medical profession). In any case, due to his “oddness” as Trump would find it, he’s been chosen to be scapegoated. That is a tragedy.

What is clear is that Barron has a flaw that motivated his parents to hide him in their attic which is quite lovely, the top floor of Trump Towers, but some of the most effective “prison camps” are “quite lovely”. It makes them seem so innocent.

My prediction is they will have one or two more children but they will be “golden children”, and Barron will often be compared to them and everything that goes wrong in the Trump’s life will be Barron’s fault.

A lot of press is now coming out about Barron’s plight. The very fact that he would live in the White House and leave his son is beyond cruel. It is true torture. He is a “prisoner of war” at Trump Tower.

I don’t like the word “Symptoms” as Autism is not a disease but a condition, but here is a video that shows it, and GOPs shouting at him for “misbehaving”. Running for office is probably the cruelest thing one could do to their son, moving him alone to a large floor is beyond cruel.

Trump is also a “vaxxer” believing the already debunked crap that vaccines cause Autism. Michaelangelo, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Jefferson, Mark Twain, and many others had it (before vaccines were invented).

It makes Trump’s non-apology to the disabled reporter even that much more repulsive. He is truly a sociopath. A “father” who does not defend his disabled child from abuse is not worthy of description. A mother/apologist who agrees with “Dad” is not any better.

I post this not as a “feel sorry for me” as I’ve told my story before. I don’t feel smarter than anyone else for “recognizing it”. My wife also recognized it before I did (in Barron’s case too…I only suspected it).

This is a “get ready for a rough ride”. When NPD parents will do this to their children, what in the hell will they do to those not related to them.

Whether Barron is struggling with Autism or some other condition, clearly Melania Trump is right. This should be a wake-up call to #stopthebullying.

My sad prediction is that when Barron is old enough to understand some of this, he will no longer be what is known as “narcissistic supply” to his parents and they will most likely divorce.  Most do when they base their entire marriage on the hatred of one of their children.

You’ll never see this hate.  In public, he will look like the most loved, pampered child on the history of this planet.   Please use your brain.  If this child lived in “rougher territory” and belonged to other parents, he’d already be taken away and in “children services”.


It is time to give disabled and/or children (and adults) with cognitive conditions the same first class citizenry we give others. Otherwise, none of us are free, and the scapegoating continues for more generations until someone with a backbone stands up to the bullies. I am standing up to the bullies.  Are you too; rather than “following the money”? It’s never too late and you’ll have little if any regrets during and at the end of your life; you’ll have nothing but regrets if you don’t (stand up to them).


Rick London is a writer, cartoonist and designer.  He is best-known for his Google #1 ranked Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons & Funny Gifts launched in 1997.














Rick London is Autistic and founder of Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons & Funny Gifts 

Tree Stump Revenge The Story Behind This Londons Times Cartoon by Rick London



I think much of my philosophy has not changed since I was a little kid regarding anger and revenge.  I didn’t think then and I don’t think now that it solves anything. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in standing up for oneself when he/she hears rumors, lies and other such nonsense, and do ones best to set the story straight.  To always attempt to present the truth, if not for others, for oneself. And I do that much better today than I did growing up.  Growing up, I didn’t know I was allowed to “tell my real story”.  I thought it had “already been written”.  

In some ways I was correct, but knowledge is power, and the more one discovers about oneself, the higher their ability to communicate the truth; regardless of past “facts etched in stone”.  The truth can make those crumble like a stale cupcake.

My idea of a tree stump vs. a chainsaw is somewhat personal.  Though I believe the tree stump should indeed be angry at the chainsaw, he should also be open to forgiveness, that is, if the chainsaw might tell the truth of what he/she did. In any case, that old tree stump should never, ever give up, and this one didn’t (to the chainsaw’s surprise).  The chainsaw shows complete awareness of the wrong he did.  And he surely is surprised that the stump is still alive to tell his story.  But stories of such pain should always be told, no matter what has been presented by others in the past.  The truth nearly always prevails.

Now, Lee and I know our trees.  I know that sounds corny, and makes us sound like treehuggers, and in many ways we are (both corny and treehuggers).  We absolutely love our trees.  We are fascinated with the ways our wildlife seems to know exactly which tree makes the best home and takes action to build one (to house an entire family).  These animals love their families and one can tell by the extent to which they go to find food for them and feed them, groom them, and in many cases sing to them.

And the tree, which usually has weathered many storms, does not mind being a free homestead of many generations of animals so that they might be safe.

When we lived in the city, none of this entered our minds.  Now that we live in the forest, it can’t help but enter our minds.  We (humans) have so much to learn from animals regarding unconditional love.  They generously teach it, even though they seem to be aware that we are not completely familiar with it.

But each time we meet with these creatures, we learn a little more about unconditional love, and we become better people for it.  And the trees stand tall and proud, making sure unconditionally that these wonderful creatures stay safe.

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Rick London is the founder of Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoon and funny gifts Londons Times Cartoons which he launched in 1997.  






march 999 money 4 nothing facebo

I love Dire Straits….probably one of my favorite bands of all times.  Marc Knopfler can make his guitar talk in a language I understand.  About two decades or more ago, not long after the song “Money For Nothing” was recorded, Marc was on a talk show. 

I much enjoyed listening him explain the inspiration for the song “Money For Nothing”.  Back then, stores like Western Auto were on just about every Main St. USA.  Each had dozens of televisions in the front windows with the screen facing the parking lot out front.  And more often than not, MTV was on the set.  

The Dire Straits were playing in some college town and in the concert prior to that they blew some fuses but it was too late to run by and get them replaced so they decided to wait until the next town.  Upon shopping for the right fuse, they Knopfler found himself overhearing a conversation between several of the workers at teh Western Auto and the conversation went something like, “That ain’t workin’ (then pointed at one of the tv sets) and added, “Money for nothin’ and the chicks for free”.  

There was more to the conversation but you get the picture.  Knopfler couldn’t help but chuckle and started writing down everything he heard.  

He said at the time, he was not sure he could make a song out of it, but if he could, it might just be a hit. 

He said within a few weeks, “Money For Nothing” was born and they were rehearsing it for an upcoming concert and studio session. 

And what a hit it was.  

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The Story Behind Jethro Tull Aqualung Parody Cartoon And Gifts By Londons Times Cartoons



I believe that everyone has milestone “oldies” music that stick in their minds forever.  Occasionally one might erupt during a vigorous shower, a hike in the forest or even a long walk down Main St (or off a short pier). 

Aside from the Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “I Saw Her Standing There”, I can just about count on 76 fingers the others (I ate a lot of Monsanto products before going organic vegan) other such songs that packed a powerful punch on my psyche. One of those songs that seemed to “change my life” at the time, was Aqualung. I imagine some of the lesser played numbers on that album such as “Teacher” “With You There To Help Me” and “Locomotive Breath” were also major influences in my own love of music and my motivation to try to learn new songs on my cheap little guitar.  I loved playing it but was not very good.  I became relatively better later in life, but still, in my mind, not stageworthy….though I did play in some garage bands in my younger days and played a few times in public, both bars and in the park as a more matured adult.  By then, I knew to keep my mouth shut, given that my singing voice had not improved much at all since age eight (if any).  But my guitar playing became fairly good. 

In my sometimes complex autistic mind, I often wondered the the musician’s real story behind every song I loved.  So many incidences could have been the impetus for Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung”.  I became so curious I saw that Ian Anderson had a website and I wrote his email, only to predictably hear nothing back.  I wrote several more times before I realized I was going to have to guess the scenario by my own volition. And I knew since I probably wouldn’t get it right, I could probably make it a bit absurd using artistic license.  But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Please Don’t Tell Me How To Grieve By Rick London

flag crying 3     

Today on social media, I saw a friend instructing others, basically how to react to bad news, or as we often call it in our culture, “grieve”.   I was astonished this extremely bright man, though, I assume meant well, didn’t have the facts. Not even one of them. 


     He sounded just like my college yoga instructor.  “Turn off the news.  Breathe deeply.  Now exhale.  See you’re still there…”. Yada yada.

     So much research has been conducted and proven since Elizabeth Kubler-Ross penned her blockbuster “On Death And Dying” about a ½ century ago, that her book looks more like an instructional manual for one who has never shed a tear.

     My friend who “was trying to help” hadn’t gotten the memo that everyone reacts to bad news and/or grief differently.   Some elements that can affect the way we grieve can be our sex, whether we are adults or children, how many are in our home, our education, our health, and a zillion other factors. In other words as far as our behavior of good news or bad, this is not a “one size fits all world”.

    2013, for us, my beloved wife Lee and I, has in many ways not been positive.  We love each other dearly and that is positive, but we are still trying to process what happened in Newtown, how to some owning a non-common use gun (which is not protected in the 2nd Amendment) is more important, no…. WAY more important than the lives of 20 children (really babies), and that 3 in the Boston Marathon audience perished and many more maimed for life which happened this week.  There was no reason that Lee and I could see, or still see, that that had to happen (nor Newtown of course). 

    So what we do is, even while working, is watch the news.  Yes we switch between the three major networks because to us, that is how one gets “the real story” and not just the slant one wants to hear. We learn everything we can.  We read newspapers and periodicals worldwide on the Internet.  

    As most who know us, in whatever method we decide to grieve and/or process,  we usually head toward the mountain trails and forget about everything for several hours.  When we return, we intuitively have a better option of how to deal.  Nature is a positive force for us that way.  But it might not be for everybody.  And we understand that.  Some may need to sit still.  Some do yoga.  Some watch tv.  Some watch The Comedy Channel.  Some visit friends and talking about it (or not).

flag newtown 2

    Again, it’s not a “one size fits all world”.   If someone instructs me that I must turn off the news of Boston and breathe deeply again, or I’m not doing it right, I plan to turn it up and full volume and hold my breath.  I bet I can talk Lee into doing the same.



Rick London is a writer, cartoonist and designer who founded Google’s #1 ranked Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons and Funny Gifts in 1997. He and his wife Lee Hiller-London live in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where they enjoy nature and hiking. They are active in environmental and animal causes.  Lee owns several nature photography shops including on nature and wildlife posters Lee HillerPhotography.

Another Kindle Fire Song by Rick London c2012 “Where Has Ernest Hemingway Gone?” to the tune of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”


Where have all the bookshelves gone?

Now an Amazon Internet ping

Where have all the bookshelves gone?

A tiny screen’s aglow

Where have all the bookshelves gone,

Kindle Fire’s replaced them every one

Late at night Kindle’s light burns,

And I tap the page to turn.


Where have all the classics gone?

Can’t find “The IChing”

Where have all the classics gone,

Kindle’s bright light it glows.

Where are books like Native Son?

Gone to Kindle every one,

It’s glowing light it burns,

Tap pages and they turn.

Where has Ernest Hemingway gone?

Is the Sun Still Rising?

Where has Ernest Hemingway gone,

Or even Nostromo?

Where has John Fitzgerald gone?

Gone the way of The Maltese Falcon.

The Kindle light it burns,

Late at night Kindles burn.

Where has John Grisham gone?

Was he just a lawyer passing?

Where has John Grisham gone?

Without “The Firm” life’s so lonesome.

Where has George Orwell gone,

Loved the animals one by one,

Maybe Kindle Fire’s the one,

To find George’s furry fun.

Where have Stephen King’s graveyards gone?

From “Carrie” to “The Shining”.

Where has Stephen’s novels gone,

Are there no more ghosts?

Where has John Steinbeck gone?

“Grapes Of Wrath” are now Raisins In The Sun.

Lord Of The Flies have turned and flown,

All Gone With The Wind, I’ve learned.


Rick London is an author, songwriter, cartoonist, and designer.  He founded the Internet’s #1 offbeat cartoons & funny gifts “Londons Times” in 1997. He is married to nature photographer Lee Hiller-London and they live in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where they are avid hikers and love to commune with nature.  Lee Hiller-London is also a designer and runs the popular nature blog