The Story Behind The Londons Times Cartoon “Orcastra” Cetacean Captivity

“Orcastra” by Google’s #1 Offbeat Cartoon “Londons Times Cartoons” (



One of the things I love to do in life is play with words.  That’s easy.

One of the things I long to do in the world is make positive changes.  That is easier said than done.  In my college days, it seemed like I could wave a magic wand and change would happen.  That is part of the wonderful delusion of youth, but it felt good nevertheless.  Not voting for Nixon at age 21 was “really cool” and “helped create change”.

Today I realize all the legal jargon, kabuki theater, etc that keeps change from happening, that really should be happening.

Here is a for-instance.   When SeaWorld and similar entities launched their ventures, it was a good thing.  It was very difficult for humans to get close to wild sea mammals, and this seemed an ideal way to do so.

However, studies were being done at the time and it did not take long before oceanographers and other scientists realized that such animals have feelings very similar to humans, thought processes very similar to humans, and were basically family animals.  They also communicate using extremely loud shrill sounds.  When these sounds bounced off a concrete wall such as a pool, it echoes again and again driving the animal insane. Not some of the time, but every time.  Though we see smiles on the faces of Orcas and dolphins, those smiles are simply the structure of their jaw bones.  They are not smiling but crying miserably. Most are suicidal and some are homicidal as we have seen.

Investors have a great deal of money in these entities and are not about to let them go without a fight.

And of course being a “little guy” or a “cartoonist”, all I can do, at most, is speak out with my humor/cartoons and on social media to help gain attention to this atrocity. And I will continue to do my part until I can no longer do it.

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