“Along Comes Romney” Parody by Rick London c2012 To The Tune Of Association “Along Comes Mary”

 How does one vote for a President when every-one on both sides are creeps?
And then there’s Romney.
And there’s Newt being cruel and terse,
Aimed less at Obama than the entire Tea Partee.

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And the Polls they vary,
And whatever happened to that Palin girl the political Barbie chick,
To McCain she was such a tease,
And asked an easy question at the debates & Rick Perry was stunned,
A 3rd grader could answer with ease,

And what a motley crew this bunch,
And if Ron Paul were elected there’d be no govt so no numbers 2 crunch (but every enemy would eat us for lunch)

facebook is the place where bullies dictate you for whom to pick,
Then Huntsman saw the asylum & resigned from the fray,
Who can vote for candidates who live for Donald Trump’s strokes?
Rick Santorum wears that gray sweater for us to trust him but we can’t, not Hathaway.

And then along comes Romney,
Implemented programs so socialistic they make the European Union seem like
The Heritage Foundation

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And as the candidates’ self esteem erodes as the attack-ads its like reality tv,

And Obama’s not so great but he got Osama Bin La-DIN,

Now when I saw the 1st debate they were all eating each other for lunch,
And Newt throws a punch.

They’re all at the podium as if every other one of them has passed bad gas,
And the flatulence makes mere humans out of these political stars,
And now Huntsman is gone,
He’s had enough of the insane battle scars.

Anyone but Romney,

Who says he likes to fire people, but he of course feels their pain in a Clinton-like way.

But when he could shut his mouth he spews some more,
Most of us know when a politician opens his mouth he lies, and spins the truth.

Finally we realize their truth is the only truth, anymore.

At the debates Perry was sure out to lunch, (oops)
And racist Ron Paul hasn’t a hunch.


I’m a goofy not-to-coordinated mountain man living my dream with my wife Lee Hiller-London. I enjoy writing and creating offbeat cartoons (Londons Times Cartoons) & funny gifts and love quote and wisdom quote gifts at my various shops.