Grieving For Paris By Rick London

Friends ask me “how are you funny on a day like today?”  Generally they are talking about terrorism or a natural disaster in which people are hurt or killed.

paris 7

The answer is simple. “I don’t.”

“You don’t”, some ask rather inquisitively.

“No, not even a little bit.”

“But you’re a humor writer and designer and such and you just leave all that alone?”


The point is, I, like everyone else have feelings.  And my sadness over what happened in Paris,  though certainly not heroic,  is no different than yours.

I feel. I think. I am conscious of events around me.   Today is not only a day I do not plan to “be entertaining, I am going to attempt to lose myself in a book or movie, spend some time with nature, and anything I can do to help stop the hurt.

Hurt?  Yes, it hurts when innocent people are gunned down or blown up, in any case, murdered for no particular reason other than some twisted ideology in which nobody wins.

paris 4

I know there are parents, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, cats and dogs all wondering what happened to the person whose life means everything to them.

There are people who run small businesses nearby who don’t even know if it is safe to go in to simply make a living to feed their families.  Maybe it is, maybe not. I am sure the law and military is doing all they can to prevent another such tragedy but there are no guarantees.

paris 1

All the while, I also realize this is out of my control.  As an “Aspie”, I will reel the whole scenario over and over in my mind to see how it could have been prevented, all the while, knowing that is just an exercise in futility.

I take it personally.  In the days of WW1, WW2, etc., even though it was also taken personally, sometimes our ancestors didn’t know for a long while the condition of their loved ones.

paris 6

Today with social media, many of us have friends in France and other friends here in the states that have friends and relatives there.  It’s a global village.  And the global village is grieving.  It will be for a long time.


Rick London is a writer, designer and cartoonist.  He is best known for launching Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons in 1997 which have ranked Google #1 since 2005. He also founded Rick London Funny Gifts in which he creates products showcasing his cartoons.