Can We Talk About Dinosaurs? by Rick London

Hi nice people.  Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog.  I’ve actually not written too many cartoons for the past 1.5 years either.

Yes even humor writers are affected by current events.  America lost a lot of people during this pandemic (is still losing many), and it’s a very rough exit.  I still don’t feel funny, but I feel like if I start writing,  it will be like starting back riding a bike. In time, I’ll be “back in the groove” and fully-focused doing what I love to do.

Given that,  I loved dinosaurs, dragons, cavemen, and just about anything prehistoric in my childhood. I assembled some pretty neat models of them in my youth. Not to mention planes and automobiles.

I’ve had time to look through our cartoon inventory, because, though I’m not feeling super-creative at the moment, I do feel like I can still design gifts and cards.

For now, I’m designing items that Lee and I would wear or use at home such as posters, tees, caps, cards, etc.  And it keeps my mind busy.   Friends have told me these are the type gifts they will be giving this year, and probably for another year or two to come. Everything is on sale. It’s a good time to find some deals and help people smile at the same time.

With that in mind, I proudly present to you “Dinosaur Police Lineup”.  While we created the cartoon several years back, this is the first line of gifts featuring the comic. Please drop by We are the exclusive vendor for We offer worldwide shipping and free personalization. And of course every order is 100% guaranteed. Bringing smiles to faces since 1997. Google #1 offbeat cartoon gifts since 2005. 🙂

See these and more gift ideas at the our main gift shop (fulfillment by Zazzle).  We offer worldwide shipping, free personalization, and a 100% guarantee on all orders).  Every item is on sale.  Please be sure to add the discount code at checkout. It is shown on each of our store pages. 


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