Helping Save The Planet, You, (All While Helping Others Laugh)

Let’s face it. I’m not much of a blogger.¬† I tried time after time and got too busy doing other things.

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But these are some topics I hold close to my heart and I feel fortunate to have been the one to create this product.

Lets think inside the bag.

Did you know the human body and planet earth are both ecosystems? And
fragile ones at that.

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Wonder what part you can play in keeping these amazing systems running
and in good health? Well, there are plenty of things.

For our bodies, minds and psyches, medicine has proven laughter/humor to
be quite effective for us as humans.

The earth’s ecosystem needs our assistance as well. There’s much we can
do such as something as simple as using reusable shopping bags, and nixing the plastic.

For nearly 15 years Rick London Comic Gifts has been developing a product that helps you contribute to both.

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If you’ve not seen our reusable comic canvas totebags, now is a good
time. They are eco-friendly, hold about 3 times more items than plastic
bags, vegan-friendly, and don’t hurt a single animal.

Also today and Thursday, they are all 30% off.

Watch the smiles (and conversation at times) when you put your bag(s)
on the grocery conveyor belt. People generally also know you not only
have a sense of humor but are doing something to reduce your
carbon footprint.

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If you make a purchase, please use the couponcode ZAZFAVORITEZ at checkout to receive your discount.

All bags are guaranteed for 30 days or a 100% refund, no questions asked. (In 15 years we’ve had a below 1% return rate). But no hurt¬†feelings if it is not exactly what you want.

My name is Rick London and I stand behind our line of eco-friendly
shopping bags.

Visit this page to see our totebags.

Happy Shopping!

Cheers, Rick