Tree Stump Revenge The Story Behind This Londons Times Cartoon by Rick London



I think much of my philosophy has not changed since I was a little kid regarding anger and revenge.  I didn’t think then and I don’t think now that it solves anything. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in standing up for oneself when he/she hears rumors, lies and other such nonsense, and do ones best to set the story straight.  To always attempt to present the truth, if not for others, for oneself. And I do that much better today than I did growing up.  Growing up, I didn’t know I was allowed to “tell my real story”.  I thought it had “already been written”.  

In some ways I was correct, but knowledge is power, and the more one discovers about oneself, the higher their ability to communicate the truth; regardless of past “facts etched in stone”.  The truth can make those crumble like a stale cupcake.

My idea of a tree stump vs. a chainsaw is somewhat personal.  Though I believe the tree stump should indeed be angry at the chainsaw, he should also be open to forgiveness, that is, if the chainsaw might tell the truth of what he/she did. In any case, that old tree stump should never, ever give up, and this one didn’t (to the chainsaw’s surprise).  The chainsaw shows complete awareness of the wrong he did.  And he surely is surprised that the stump is still alive to tell his story.  But stories of such pain should always be told, no matter what has been presented by others in the past.  The truth nearly always prevails.

Now, Lee and I know our trees.  I know that sounds corny, and makes us sound like treehuggers, and in many ways we are (both corny and treehuggers).  We absolutely love our trees.  We are fascinated with the ways our wildlife seems to know exactly which tree makes the best home and takes action to build one (to house an entire family).  These animals love their families and one can tell by the extent to which they go to find food for them and feed them, groom them, and in many cases sing to them.

And the tree, which usually has weathered many storms, does not mind being a free homestead of many generations of animals so that they might be safe.

When we lived in the city, none of this entered our minds.  Now that we live in the forest, it can’t help but enter our minds.  We (humans) have so much to learn from animals regarding unconditional love.  They generously teach it, even though they seem to be aware that we are not completely familiar with it.

But each time we meet with these creatures, we learn a little more about unconditional love, and we become better people for it.  And the trees stand tall and proud, making sure unconditionally that these wonderful creatures stay safe.

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Rick London is the founder of Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoon and funny gifts Londons Times Cartoons which he launched in 1997.