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I love Dire Straits….probably one of my favorite bands of all times.  Marc Knopfler can make his guitar talk in a language I understand.  About two decades or more ago, not long after the song “Money For Nothing” was recorded, Marc was on a talk show. 

I much enjoyed listening him explain the inspiration for the song “Money For Nothing”.  Back then, stores like Western Auto were on just about every Main St. USA.  Each had dozens of televisions in the front windows with the screen facing the parking lot out front.  And more often than not, MTV was on the set.  

The Dire Straits were playing in some college town and in the concert prior to that they blew some fuses but it was too late to run by and get them replaced so they decided to wait until the next town.  Upon shopping for the right fuse, they Knopfler found himself overhearing a conversation between several of the workers at teh Western Auto and the conversation went something like, “That ain’t workin’ (then pointed at one of the tv sets) and added, “Money for nothin’ and the chicks for free”.  

There was more to the conversation but you get the picture.  Knopfler couldn’t help but chuckle and started writing down everything he heard.  

He said at the time, he was not sure he could make a song out of it, but if he could, it might just be a hit. 

He said within a few weeks, “Money For Nothing” was born and they were rehearsing it for an upcoming concert and studio session. 

And what a hit it was.  

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