4 thoughts on “Bob Marley, Lee Hiller-London, Luis Gomez, Pirates, & Harley Davidson by Rick London

    • And though I agree there is a bit of trickery in photography, once one gets to the master stage, as you are, one
      has to prove substance (in addition to knowing how to use the lighting). That takes brains, instincts and all the
      empathetic moves that Adams talked about in describing how the art works. From a creative writing/humor/cartooning p.o.v.,
      I believe that is true to a smaller extent…after years of doing it, one actually has “worked out” his/her funny bone, and
      understands what is, and isn’t funny. Now implementing it into an art is a whole other matter. I love you. Ur LH Rick x0x0x0x

    • And then the photographer becomes a master photgrapher (as you are) and it goes beyond “just knowing good light”. It is instinct and substance and understand what appeals to the human soul and how to create that in the lens, regardless of good (or bad light).

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