“Paula Deen” by Rick London c2013 Sung to the tune of David Essex’s “Rock On”

paula dean 3

Top bid deep fried food show,
Lured Paula Deen Grand Poo Bah Of High Cholesterol,
Debates still on Twitter & facebook “Is she racist”, Duh?

Probably also hates gays, Hispanics & Jews,
Recipes as healthy as last day on Carnival Triumph Cruise.

paula dean 2

Fried Butter,  Crestor & a bursted spleen, Paula Deen.
(Paula Deen)

[Instrumental Interlude]

Food Channel noticed contract expiration was very near,
Maybe like Rush she’ll get a Channel that’s Clear.

All her deep fried trash doesn’t seem too green,
To her slavery wasn’t all that mean,
Now her hands tremble on the tv screen, Paula Deen
Paula Deen
Her tone
Bad song
Show’s blown.


No sick pay,
Deep fried jelly rolls,

Pulled salt pork from the bone
Hey, hey
No self control,
Apologies drone on.

Her food causes kidney stones,
Buffoon Ballet.
No cheese grits in her bowl,
She’s the Twilight Zone.

paula dean 1

All alone,
Every day,
And all the health she stole,
What she reaped, is now sewn. 


Rick London is a writer/cartoonist, a songwriter, gift and clothing designer and entrepreneur.  He is a nature lover and lives in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas with his nature photographer wife Lee Hiller-London founder of  the popular nature photography blog “Hike Our Planet”.  London founded Londons Times Cartoons Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoons & funny gifts in 1997. He’s authored 3 cartoon book compilations and is working on a fourth book about branding and social media for creative types.