I Thought My Wife Lee Was Designing My Twitter Background. She Had Designed A Work Of Art by Rick London

RL Twitter page   77777

There are two geeks in the London home. I am one of them, an Internet geek.  The other geek is my beloved talented wife Lee Hiller-London who is more of a software and design geek.  

She taught me a long time ago that though Twitter is an amazing social network with potential beyond most others, if one’s Twitter welcome page is not alluring, nobody will hang around very long.  

She designed my 1st Twitter background about 4 years ago.  Today she decided it was time for a change and designed another one.  It is located @RickLondon (my personal page) and at @LTCartoons (The Londons Times Cartoon Twitter page). 

Thank you baby. It doesn’t get more alluring than this.  I invite all to view what she did with her page as well at @LeeHillerLondon x0x00x  Amazing work.  Hey all, please follow us. 


Rick London is a writer, designer and cartoonist.  He founded Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoons and funny gifts “Londons Times” in 1997. He lives in the Ouachita Mountains with his nature photographer wife Lee Hiller London where they enjoy nature and hiking.  They are active in animal and green causes 

Please Don’t Tell Me How To Grieve By Rick London

flag crying 3     

Today on social media, I saw a friend instructing others, basically how to react to bad news, or as we often call it in our culture, “grieve”.   I was astonished this extremely bright man, though, I assume meant well, didn’t have the facts. Not even one of them. 


     He sounded just like my college yoga instructor.  “Turn off the news.  Breathe deeply.  Now exhale.  See you’re still there…”. Yada yada.

     So much research has been conducted and proven since Elizabeth Kubler-Ross penned her blockbuster “On Death And Dying” about a ½ century ago, that her book looks more like an instructional manual for one who has never shed a tear.

     My friend who “was trying to help” hadn’t gotten the memo that everyone reacts to bad news and/or grief differently.   Some elements that can affect the way we grieve can be our sex, whether we are adults or children, how many are in our home, our education, our health, and a zillion other factors. In other words as far as our behavior of good news or bad, this is not a “one size fits all world”.

    2013, for us, my beloved wife Lee and I, has in many ways not been positive.  We love each other dearly and that is positive, but we are still trying to process what happened in Newtown, how to some owning a non-common use gun (which is not protected in the 2nd Amendment) is more important, no…. WAY more important than the lives of 20 children (really babies), and that 3 in the Boston Marathon audience perished and many more maimed for life which happened this week.  There was no reason that Lee and I could see, or still see, that that had to happen (nor Newtown of course). 

    So what we do is, even while working, is watch the news.  Yes we switch between the three major networks because to us, that is how one gets “the real story” and not just the slant one wants to hear. We learn everything we can.  We read newspapers and periodicals worldwide on the Internet.  

    As most who know us, in whatever method we decide to grieve and/or process,  we usually head toward the mountain trails and forget about everything for several hours.  When we return, we intuitively have a better option of how to deal.  Nature is a positive force for us that way.  But it might not be for everybody.  And we understand that.  Some may need to sit still.  Some do yoga.  Some watch tv.  Some watch The Comedy Channel.  Some visit friends and talking about it (or not).

flag newtown 2

    Again, it’s not a “one size fits all world”.   If someone instructs me that I must turn off the news of Boston and breathe deeply again, or I’m not doing it right, I plan to turn it up and full volume and hold my breath.  I bet I can talk Lee into doing the same.



Rick London is a writer, cartoonist and designer who founded Google’s #1 ranked Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons and Funny Gifts in 1997. He and his wife Lee Hiller-London live in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where they enjoy nature and hiking. They are active in environmental and animal causes.  Lee owns several nature photography shops including on nature and wildlife posters Lee HillerPhotography.

Is Wayne LaPierre Pulling Your Strings? by Rick London


Before the NRA was founded America had guns.  We never worried about our 2nd Amendment rights, because like our other rights, they were and are clearly written in the Constitution. All common usage guns are protected.   When the NRA was founded, they were on the side of gun-owners, even teaching gun safety classes (one of which I took and most enjoyed). 

jan 19 la piere small








In the early 1990s, things changed. Suddenly we were told our 2nd Amendment rights were at risk.  How could this be. America was fine for 300 years before the founding of the NRAand suddenly the 2nd Amendment was in trouble?  Who was telling us this?  It turned out the NRA was telling us this.   The smart Americans began to easily understand they were lobbying, no longer for gun owners, but for gun manufacturers (and sellers).   The end-buyer was to be the fearful chess pawn who would buy more guns due to the big bad monster under the bed who swallows guns.

LaPierre, admittedly did his job so well, that on 12/14, when 20 children were brutally mowed down to the size of molecules, Americans all over were holding tight to their guns, wondering if this was the last straw; not even thinking of the families and their horrendous losses.   He not only has brainwashed them, he has made them extremely ill.  Children are more important than Bushmasters.  I know that’s hard to believe for some, but its really true. 

Every country which has had horrendous civil wars have had their own version of  Wayne LaPierre; Syria, the former Libya and Iraq and the list goes on and on.

The chess game is not rocket science. It’s simple unscrupulous business. The gun lobby pays (and grades) the political system of each country, tells them how to vote and often writes their states laws.   They then instill fear in the end user (gun owners) that they need more guns as bad people with even more guns are after their guns.   And every time they buy into it.

I so hoped Americans were smarter than that. Fortunately most are (yes even NRA members) who joined it in the nostalgic times when it was honest and provided a decent service.

So what happens when inevitably a civil war breaks out in each of the countries (which it does)?  The Wayne LaPierre’s of the world leave those countries right at the outbreak of the wars sipping drinks with umbrellas on Polynesian beaches laughing loudly at all the puppets they manipulated to become billionaires.  

feb 19 mae small

Are you one of their puppets?   You don’t have to be a gun-owner to be one.  There are plenty of decent law-abiding gun-owners who know this game a lot better than I do.  And they want no part of it.  To be one of the puppets, all  you have to be is A. Paid by the NRA or B. Naive or both. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Rick London is a writer, designer and cartoonist. He founded Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons & Funny Gifts which have been Google’s #1 ranked since 2005.