Don’t Tell Me About That….. Poem by Rick London c2012


I don’t want to talk about straights and gays,

I have little interest in Chic-Fil-A,

Don’t bombard me with your political agenda,

I might say something that might offend ya.

Don’t tell me the Chinese bought the Canadian pipeline,

Last I heard Conoco who owns it was doing quite fine.

Of the Mideast don’t give me no lip,

Your opinions are pointless on Hamas’ terrorist Gaza Strip.

Yeah, I’d like to know why Romney didn’t pay taxes,

And made a bundle on the poor’s backs-es.

Don’t tell me about Anne Romney’s Horse dressage,

Or how Al Gore gives tips for message.

Blaming economic woes on GW Bush is a little bit rotten,

But let’s not forget Obama signed off on Bin Laden,

Don’t share what you’ve charged that you can’t be affordin’,

Or even your thoughts on Gitmo or waterboarding.

I want to talk about simple things,

Like tapioca, vegan meals, and 60s music cell phone rings.

I’m sick of Romney and his foreign policy gaffes,

But I’m leaving necks that stick out, to gossips and giraffes.

Talking about simple things is what makes me happy,

Like being in love, puppies and things you find sappy.

Don’t try to lure me into your pro-life or pro-choice endless debates,

And the same old song that you regurgitate.

Tell me about how you’ve learned how to think,

Beyond your upbringing, outside the rancid box that stinks.

Show me that you’ve come to terms of being infected,

From well-meaning friends, parents and teachers who were quite misdirected.

You’ll never know from whence I speak,

If you’ve chosen not to listen but only a sermon do you speak.

But one day, (you never know) you may come around,

If we can just get you out of that incestuous town.


Rick London is a poet, author, songwriter, cartoonist and designer…..He founded Londons Times Cartoons and Funny Gifts in 1997 which have been Google & Bings #1 ranked offbeat cartoons since 2005.  London is married to nature photographer Lee Hiller-London who runs the popular nature and wildlife blog Hike Our Planet. Together they live in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.  They are active in eco, animal and childrens causes.

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