“I’m In The Secret Service” (Song Parody By Rick London c2012) Sung To Beatles “Do You Want To Know A Secret”

We made sure the meeting with Obama & Santos did go smooth,
We also saw women parading in their underwear…

And glistening,
Cause we’re in the Secret Service,
And we’re all going straight to hell, whoa oh oh,

Paid her,
Then I bought her several beers,
I just love being a sightseer,
Then no taming of the shrew…ewww eww ewww

What am I missin’?
I am in the Secret Service,
I keep promises I don’t tell, Whoa oh oh.

That for Obama the way I clear,
So that you might call me “Dear”,
Impressed with me are you…whoo whooo whooo

You asked for 100 pesos then you said you wanted two,
I felt nobody knew, now I’m sad & blue……

Now I’m looking for a job and I can sell,
Maybe a window at Taco Bell…Whoaa, oh, oh


Rick London enjoys his life as a goofy uncoordinated vegan mountain man who enjoys songwriting, writing, designing, & cartooning.  He is a hiker, nature and animal lover, and supports, animal, children and green causes.  He founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997 which has been Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoons & funny gifts since 2005.  He recently founded the #1 offbeat cartoon hoodie shop PlanetHoodie.com. He is married to nature/wildlife photographer Lee Hiller-London.


Seamus On The Roof (Song Parody by Rick London c2012) To The Tune Of Frank Sinatra “Strangers In The Night” by Frank Sinatra

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Seamus on the roof with the trots & dancing
Such a brutal smite,
In return for unconditional love,
A car covered with doggie doo.

Romney didn’t care pandering cheesy grits to the right wing.
It doesn’t take Descartes,
To know Romney is,  therefore he’s not….               

   Seamus in mid-flight, in a car of people,
It was fight or flight,
Romney never thought it’d make print.
Defecated like jello,
Sprayed down with a hose.
                          When a dog’s love is betrayed,
           It’s way to late to teach sit and stay.

No one likes a canine saboteur,
  A type of torture,
Like pretending to be far right,
But left of Trotsky in the dark of night….

     Your chance of unconditional love went away,
When on top the car Seamus was made to stay.

You hosed him down in cold weather,
    You said he loved it but we’re more clever,
You never felt contrite,

Cause Seamus didn’t bite,

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Doggie doo doo doo.


Though mostly retired,  Rick London dabbles in songwriting, designing, writing and cartooning.  He loves outdoors, nature and wildlife and hikes his beloved Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas regularly with his nature photographer wife Lee Hiller-London who owns the blog HikeOurPlanet.com.  He founded Google #1 ranked offbeat cartoons and funny gifts LTCartoons.com and numerous designer gift shops.