“Tap The Page” (The Kindle Fire Song) by Rick London c2012 (Parody to the tune of Bob Seger “Turn The Page”)

On the information superhighway
At Amazon dot com..
No need for Google search engine,
At the Kindle Store you won’t go wrong.


Boy, girl, man or woman,
Reading more makes you less a bore,
Or did you find it on Google or if you did on Bing,
You’re downloads queued….
Tiny letters are for fools,
 Kindle Fire’s hotter than cayenne,
Kindle is to books like hair is to shampoo..

Reading spam,
And other Internet sins,
I’m Sam I Am,
Just a Dr. Seuss page,
   Just Say No…Autobio by Nancy Rea-gin’,
I read so slow,
    Kindle Fire’s the rage.

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Well you’ve just been on facebook…reading someone’s rant,
Wishin’ they’d find a therapist to unload,
  But sorry they feel blue,
   As you’re about to implode,
And you pretend that they’ve unfriended you,
You have a Tolstoy to download

  And the worst they like to stalk….
         Can’t you just be a fan?
But they tell you how to live, how to eat and how to pray…

   All you can say is “Oh man”….
And my wife is taking photos of all those pretty birds
 While someone’s telling me the benefits of Ayn Rand.

Sam I am,
Downloaded a Seuss again,
99 cent special a grand slam,
Leaving readers engaged,
Like a fine bordeaux,
Everybody wins,
Reading slow,
Tap the page

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 The protective case makes it feel just right,
Doesn’t have much weight,
Words in books have synergy,
Like vintage on Ebay,
No more turnin’ pages..nothing on CD,
   Just tap the page.

Jack London or Rudyard Kipling,
       Classics I never really read,
Or Emerson if I desire,
For my daily bread,
Lookin’ at bargain books..appetite is whet,
But ended up w/a CD of the Grateful Dead.

Sam I am,
Or The Road Less Traveled again,
Green Eggs & Ham,
Screen shows a Seuss page,
      There goes my dough,
Downloading a book again,
Broadband’s slow,
Tap The Page.

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Sam I am,
What’s in the bargain bin?
Sam I am,
What’s the new rage.
Readin’ slow,
Tennessee William’s roof is tin,
Paper books are gone,
Tap the page
Readin’ slow,
Readin’ slow.


Am a goofy vegan animal-lovin’ mountain man just trying to write stuff.  Love nature, wildlife, dogs, cats,  & my wife @LeeHillerLondon.  I founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997 which has been the #1 ranked offbeat cartoons & funny gifts on the Internet since 2005. I hope you enjoyed.

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