“Kindle Fire” (Song Parody To The Tune Of Crazy World Of Arthur Brown’s “Fire”) by Rick London c2012

Kindle Fire (By Rick London c2012) Song Parody to the tune of Arthur Browne’s “Fire”

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The yellow arrow I slide to the left & bring you….
Kindle Fire…no pages to turn.
Kindle Fire, Now its so easy to learn.
From Grisham to Robert Burns.
Auto-biographies for which you may yearn,
Gonna download “The Firm”.
Oh the lending library did you find?
I’m now past 50 & book’s small letters make me feel blind
In this electronic age we’re all so refined.
Readings a great way to unwind.
Gonna pay Amazon all that I earn.
Kindle Fire…it’s so much fun.
No pages to turn.
Books are so messy they make ya wanna hurl,
Matters not if you’re a boy or a girl,
Escape into words from the daily grind.
Don’t let paper book letters make u go blind.
Pledge to buy nothing with a bind,
You know to read or fall behind.

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I’m a goofy vegan mountain man who likes to write songs, cartoons, and classic novels.  I’m still working on the 1st classic novel…will update within next century. I founded Londons Times Cartoons in 1997. It has been Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoons and funny gifts since Jan. 2005.


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