One Way To End The Slaughter And Captivity Of Whales And Dolphins By Rick London

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I’ve seen the film “The Cove” and I’ve seen the film “Blackfish” and both were top-notch productions.  What I haven’t seen is anything more than petitions from (we, the people), afterwards,  which haven’t seemed to do much; and I realize I could be very wrong. Please forgive me if so.

What I do know is it is time to take action to stop the captivity at Sea World, and the slaughter at Taiji and other similar killing coves.

Here is my proposal. I realize its ambitious. I realize it is grandiose.  But I realize it takes what it takes; and I truly believe this is what it takes; at least one way to make it happen. I imagine there are plenty other ways.  This is mine.

The Cetacea For Entertainment” businesses is archaic. It is cruel and unusual.  The major players are all in denial.  That’s what the type of money that “corrupts absolutely” will do to anyone.  Numb them.  Science has taught us it is not sustainable or feasible; but of course is to the major players, as they are getting rich off the blood of these amazing creatures and sometimes off the blood of their naive/often loving trainers.

Let’s put together all people worldwide who care about these animals, the planet, the ecosystem, or whatever it is that you consider an important cause in your life.  You may just be interested in making a difference in the world.  There is strength in numbers and power in pocketbooks.   The Whale & Dolphin Coalition  TWDC.

The first thing we do is buy up stock in Sea World, a lot of it (I believe owned by Anhauser-Busch). We convert it into a cruelty-free tourist attraction immediately.   Since the land around The Cove in Taiji, Japan, where SeaWorld gets the majority of their animals (via one of the cruelest, bloodiest massacres in the history of marine mammals),  is a National Park, there’s no way to buy or boycott it, but we can buy the land and buildings surrounding the park and/or boycott them; that is if we won’t sell to them to close them down.  If they won’t sell to us we not only boycott those businesses,  but every business who does business with them.  (The Anti-Seaworld Coalition). (TSAS).  It won’t take long to be felt by the killers of Taiji and their enablers.  There are way more than enough good people in Japan who would gladly help with this endeavor.

We could also buy the buildings around the cove and change “the theme” of the whole town if we prefer (rather than close it). If it comes down to it,  we boycott Japan (if they won’t put pressure on the murderers at The Cove involved in this major dolphin slaughter.  Japan is our friend and I don’t think it will take long for them to “see the light”. Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management (“Atlantis” in The Bahamas need a business boycott as well. They allegedly own another one in Dubai); or our syndicate buys Atlantis as well and convert it into a cruelty-free tourist attraction.  Canada and Dubai are our friends and I imagine they too will see the light.  Most in all these countries are animal-lovers and if given the chance, i believe will do the right thing. Anti-Atlantis Coalition (AAC)

There are other countries who partake in this barbaric horrendous slaughter and captivity such as Denmark’s Faroe Islands and several others.  They all need economic boycott’s desperately to feel the sting; not just from “greenies” in the U.S. and abroad, but from people of all walks of life, liberal, conservative, Independent, any race, any religion (or no religion). This s not about what we were born or what we’ve become.  This is about what we can do together; and I happen to believe a great deal.

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A lot of talk and petitions are good, and they get attention, but for these people owning and/or running these shows,  the pocketbook and their Cayman account makes them realize there’s going to be a game change.

We need to do the same with the countries who sell and slaughter whales (usually in the name of “research” such as Japan and others). And though Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace, Earth Island Institute, PETA and so many others work tirelessly at minimizing what could be a lot worse. It is bad enough, and we need to put the same economic pressure on to have them released as well.

When these establishments opened 50 or so years ago, they could be forgiven.  Science had not caught up with entertainment, and none of us knew that cetacea have feelings, are very intelligent (often more so than humans in several areas), are lifetime family members,  name their friends and family, and way too many other known facts that make us realize they can only survive in a sane manner in the wild; not in a pool.  They communicate with an extremely high-pitch sound that bounces off the concrete walls of a pool, making each of the captive ones insane.  Is that the message you want to give your children?

Now there are no enablers left keeping this slaughter going.   Easier said than done?  You bet it is.  It will be full of challenges, obstacles and other landmines.  But will it not be worth it?


Rick London is an Internet entrepreneur, designer, writer and cartoonist.  He is best known for his Google #1 ranked offbeat cartoons and funny gifts Londons Times or LTCartoons. He is maried to nature photographer Lee Hiller London who has the popular nature blog Hike Our Planet. The two live in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of  Arkansas where they spend a great deal of time communing with nature in Hot Springs National Park.  Both are environmentalists who are very active in animal rights as well.

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